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frequently asked questions

You can find the instructions for BiQui here.

What is the meaning of the word "BiQui" – the name of the game?
BiQui is an artificial word that we invented. It is composed of the first letters of the words "Bible" and "Quiz". It is also the name of the small and helpful mascot of the game.
Can I also use a desktop computer to submit questions?
Yes. All you need is access to the Internet. You can open the website and log in with your username and password. There you will find the header "new question" where you can submit your question.
How will the submitted questions be checked?
Before a question is approved into our question pool a lecturer will review the question. If there are uncertainties about the question or the answers the lecturer will approach the submitter. Apart from this the lecturer will check if there is already a similar question in our question pool. Afterwards the question will be approved.
What can I do, if I notice a mistake in one of the questions?
To report a mistake you first have to open the question. Than click the button "Report a mistake". Before reporting content-related mistakes in a question please do your own research first. A content-related mistake has to be reported together with a reference to an appropriate source.
How is a question's level of difficulty determined?
First the difficulty of a question is determined by the person submitting the question. Than the lecturer will check if the level of difficulty seems to be appropriate. Since this is determined by personal preference after some time the level of difficulty will be matched with the number of correct or incorrect answers.
What is a lifeline? How can I get them?
You can find detailed information about the lifelines in the instructions.
In the options of my account I chose "Questions for adults or advanced". Despite my choice the game only displays the questions for children. Why?
If the other player choose "Questions for children", the game will automatically be started using the questions for children. That way parents can play with their children. Players who chose "Questions for children" are identified in your list of friends by a small circeled "K" on their profile picture.
How is the amount of playable categories and cards for a game determined?
The lowest setting out of both players will be used. You can see in your list of friends how many cards and categories can be played by each player.
Is it planned to set up a Highscore-list?
No. Although a player can play "against" another player we do not want to encourage a sense of rivalry. So there will be no Highscore-list. The game is supposed to be fun and educational at the same time.
Why is the games chat-function limited to predetermined sentences?
The identity of each player can not be verified. In order to protect our players from persons with dishonest or bad intentions we predetermined the sentences that can be exchanged between players.
Can I use BiQui and my BiQui account on more than one device?
Yes, that is possible.
Which devices are supported by BiQui?
All devices that work with Android 5.1 or iOS 10 or higher, including both smartphones and tablets. In addition, BiQui can now be installed as an Android app on Windows 11 via the Amazon Appstore.
How can I delete my BiQui user account?
To delete your account in the BiQui app, please click the top left of the home screen on the menu item "Account" and then on "Delete Account".

By deleting your account, the following personal data will be deleted immediately:

  • Your username and password
  • Your email address
  • Your profile picture

The following data will be deleted after 30 days:

  • All game data
  • All chat messages

The following data will be deleted after 180 days:

  • Communication with the BiQui team (messages are already detached from the user after account deletion)

Messages about sent questions or error reports of questions will not be deleted, but will be detached from the user after account deletion.

If you delete your user account, your current game progress will not be saved. Of course, you can always create a new account and start playing from the beginning.

How can I support BiQui?
You can support BiQui in several ways. Click here for more information.
I have a few ideas for BiQui and its further development. Can I send them to you?
We would be very happy to receive them. You can send us a mail to If your ideas are good and we are able to realize them in an appropriate amount of time, we will consider to include them into BiQui.